of the
Hat Box

Out of the Hat Box is a container of stories

A hat box from which to pull out Gallia e Peter's brand heritage, keeping intact the excitement and surprise of dredging up shapes, hat fashions and hairstyles, of finding names, sayings, collections, relationships, and lost skills, places and people at the origin of history.
Out of the Hat Box serves to connect the dots, to find associations, correspondences, to engage all those who love divergent thinking, who identify with the hat community (people, archives, institutions, collectors) in the passion for fashion, in stories that take time, in gestures of care and attention. In the thank you, and please, yesterday as today.

Once Upon
a time

Once up on a time is a space to discover the brand's fairy tale

Once upon a time and still is a milliner's shop, Gallia e Peter, born of the love affair between the children of two historic milliners, Angela Paschero Gallia with her hat shop active in Turin since 1904 and Giovanna Cornelia Peter with her atelier in Milan. Two entrepreneurial activities that became one in the 1930s in Milan. Two valuable activities that gave birth to a new legend.


An abcdaire to bring order to the clutter of history

And to grasp all the contingencies that make order an unpredictable and exciting heritage. An alphabetical list through which to learn the words of the familiar lexicon of Gallia e Peter, in which A stands for Golden Years (the 1950s, of course), B for Borsalino and Brunetta, C for House of Copies, F for flowers, V for veil. And so on.

Time Machine

A time machine for traveling

The hat as a vehicle to move back and forth in the history of fashion and costume, to date collections, to find communication campaigns, editorials, and collaborations with designers and artisans at Gallia e Peter.

Heritage Call

A number to dial to talk about Heritage

Time for a phone call to contact those who made history, to remember Angela Paschero, Cornelia Peter, Maria Gallia, through the words of Laura Marelli, the last heir, to discover some of the most significant creations from the Gallia e Peter archives. It will be possible to buy a unique and special hat, to learn something about millinery, about know-how, about preserving and vitalizing the memory of an extraordinary family history.